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Paul! You is a wurr-wilf!

Glitches: A Castle Den

This glitch is really cool! It allows you to walk on the walls of a castle den, yours or someone else’s! Here’s the area you’ll be working in 

You stand where I am (I am the blue fired wolf) and click the seal. About when you are near the wolf plushie, you do the thing where you click the animal you are on with the change animal button. If you do it correctly, you should be on the air! It works best when you have a computer a bit laggy.

I’m afraid there’s no screenshot, since I can’t and none of my friends could. But this glitch works!

9 Responses to “Glitches: A Castle Den”

  1. Kelsey says:

    omg im in the pic im a red flamed tiger

  2. carlee says:

    omg I’m flora!!

  3. carlee says:

    LOL it is funny eh!!

  4. dude guy says:

    hi i know a better way to do this glitch! you go to the roof and go to the far left. Then you open up a friends tab and click the games tab. You click the grass then start a game, then cancel the game request quickly. You should end up running down the wall towards the grass. If yo click you will stop running in the middle of the wall. You can carefully walk up the edge of the round circle wall and go to the sky, or walk on the walls. Add me as a friend on animal jam! i am mann6266

  5. madsion says:

    did not work and my username is kitty1w on aj

  6. Madison says:

    i ment

  7. Noodlepanda says:

    this did not work! but the one that dude guy posted worked, like the one you go to the far left corner or something

    • Wolf9005 says:

      I don’t think it works anymore because this glitch is old, like many others on this blog. But don’t worry, because I can find new ones. 😉

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